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Welcome to the Barracudas of Brandywine Pool

Brandywine Barracudas are in Division 12 for the 2018 NVSL season.

Come swim with us!  Contact the team reps. at

9537 Helenwood Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032, United States 38.82247 -77.27542289999996
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Meets this Summer

 Time Trials with Village West - Saturday, June 16th (warm-ups at 8:00am)

"A" 6/23 - Home vs. Shouse Village (warm-ups 8:00am)

"B" 6/25 - Away vs. Commonwealth (warm-ups 5:25pm)

"A" 6/30 - Home vs. Stratford (warm-ups 8:00am)

"B" 7/2 - Away vs. Ravensworth (warm-ups 5:25pm)

"A" 7/7 - Home vs. Forest Hollow (warm-ups 8:00am)

"B" 7/9 - Home vs. Lakeview (warm-ups 5:00pm)

7/11 - Relay Carnival at Shouse Village (warm up time TBD)

"A" 7/14 - Away vs. Sully Station 2 (warm-ups 8:25am)

"B" 7/16 - Home vs. Ffx. Club Estate (warm-ups 5:00pm)

"A" 7/21 - Away vs. Kings Ridge (warm-ups 8:25am)

7/28 Divisionals at Stratford (warm up time TBD)

Wondering the difference between an A Meet and a B Meet?  Check out our Parent Handbook at the "Handbook" Tab above.

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Pictures on Shutterfly!

Peter Tao is our team photographer and Brandywine maintains a private Shutterfly Site with pictures.  If you have a child on the team, you can request access HERE.  

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NVSL Swim Meet Results

Click HERE for NVSL Saturday's swim meet results.

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Getting "back" into summer swim!!

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