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Mini Barracudas (coached by Holly To)

The Brandywine Swim Team is not a swim lesson program. A swimmer should be able to swim a length of the pool comfortably to join the team. We don't care how fast, how ugly or how legal the stroke is, or how long it takes to swim that length. We'll help your swimmer become a better swimmer, but in fairness to the other swimmers on the team, as well as the safety and happiness of your child, we must insist that all participants be able to swim. 

The Mini's Program is for children who are willing to go into the water, put their face in, leave their parent(s) without distress and are capable of swimming a length of the pool. Once these swimmers achieve a legal stroke and are able to swim the length of the pool multiple times, they will be expected to take part in swim meets. This 45-minute practice will provide a training environment for every level of young, competitive swimmer. Minis is not a learn-to-swim program. Contact if you are interested in Learn-to-Swim.

Holly To is the 2017 Mini Barracuda Coach and can be reached at

If your child was part of the Mini's Program last summer, he/she will start the season as a mini or a developmental swimmer.

Small children and those unwilling to leave their parent or enter the water will have the opportunity to participate in Brandywine's Learn-to-Swim program.

If you are unsure as to whether your child should register as a Mini-Barracuda or participate in the Learn-to-Swim program please contact one of the coaches for an evaluation.

Because the Mini program is a part of the swim team, parents of these swimmers are reminded and encouraged to volunteer at swim meets.

The Developmental meets that take place on Monday nights require as many volunteers as do the Saturday Dual Meets and there are volunteer jobs that can work if you need to keep an eye on a small child. Additionally, there is always a big pool of teenage girls who are happy to be charged with keeping track of your youngster. PLEASE, sign up to assist whenever and wherever you can.

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